The Elia Group is active in electricity transmission. We ensure that production and consumption are balanced around the clock, supplying 30 million end users with electricity. With subsidiaries in Belgium (Elia) and north-west Germany (50Hertz), we operate 18,600 km of high-voltage connections. As such, our Group is one of Europe‘s top 5. With a reliability level of 99.999%, we give society a robust power grid, which is important for socio-economic prosperity. We also aspire to be a catalyst for a successful energy transition towards a reliable, sustainable and affordable energy system.

Our vision

“A successful energy transition for a sustainable world”

Decarbonisation is one of society’s most pressing challenges. As a system operator, the group’s activities are central to overcoming this challenge: our grid forms the backbone of the energy transition. We are strengthening our on- and offshore transmission grid to facilitate the integration of increasing amounts of renewable energy into the system. We are also furthering digitalisation and sector convergence and shaping energy markets, so supporting new market players to become active participants in the energy sector. As a driver of the energy transition, therefore, we are contributing to the establishment of a sustainable world.

Our reason for being

“In the interest of society, we make the energy transition happen to decarbonise Europe by delivering the needed power infrastructure and shaping the European markets. We keep the lights on by operating a reliable and sustainable system and innovate to meet evolving consumers’ needs in an efficient way and to protect people’s safety. We create further value for society in the changing energy landscape.”

Building and operating the grid is, and will remain, our core business - just as sustainability and innovation will continue to be part of our DNA, so we can keep driving the energy transition forward. However, with the world around us changing, we also need to adapt our way of working and thinking. The goal of net zero is already presenting society with a great number of opportunities. In order to harness these, we are therefore looking beyond our current activities to find areas through which we can deliver additional value to society.

6 key behaviours

In order to successfully deliver our strategy, we are embedding 6 key behaviours across the whole of the Elia Group. Known collectively as our ‘Make A Difference’ behaviours, these represent the corporate culture we wish our staff to embody, so that they form the basis for the ways in which we all approach our work - both internally (across teams and departments) and externally (with partners and stakeholders outside of the group). The Make A Difference behaviours are a prerequisite for our delivery of our vision and mission, continued positive influence on stakeholders, and successful delivery of impact along the energy value chain.

  • Feedback
  • Simplification
  • One Voice
  • Co-creating the future
  • One company
  • Impact