What is Nova

Nova is Elia Group’s design system.

A design system is a set of rules and standards established by an organization allowing teams to work in an aligned way. It is intended to manage design at scale using reusable components and patterns.


Nova has a mission to empower and inspire everyone to create consistent digital products put as disposal towards Elia Group’s customers, external and internal stakeholders.

Guiding principles

Ready to use

The design system is designed to be easy to browse and use for fast prototypes and product releases.

Accessible to everyone

The design system is the result of a cross-functional team collaboration effort to provide a single, open-source resource addressing the needs of customers, external and internal stakeholders, whatever their background or disabilities.

Enabling consistency

The design system is used as the single source of reference at Elia Group. It allows teams to build digital products and experiences within a coherent brand ecosystem across all platforms.


Backed up by everyone at Elia Group, it is updated on an ongoing basis and will evolve thanks to users’ contributions.


Nova is composed of five main sections: